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Shutter Muse is a photography website that I run. Here you will find all of my in-depth photography tutorials and gear reviews, as well as some content from other contributors. The feed below will give you links to the latest 5 articles on the site, but I’d love you to head to the homepage to check out the whole archive of free content on the site.

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  • Fuji X100 Mark II Wide and Tele Conversion Lens Review (28mm & 50mm) July 15, 2017
    The Fuji X100 series has been incredibly popular since the very first version and I was excited to buy my own X100F as soon as it was announced. The camera has a fixed 23mm f/2 lens on it that delivers an angle of view that’s equivalent to a 35mm lens on a full frame camera, […]
  • Get Some Waders and Get Down Low! July 12, 2017
    When it comes to wildlife photography, one of the easiest things you can do to improve your images is to get down nice and low so that you’re at eye level with your subject. This has two main effects on the image: It makes the viewer feel as though they are part of the animal’s […]
  • 3 Types of Automation for Your Photography Business using Zapier July 6, 2017
    Some years ago I wrote a very popular post about automating your photography business, and I still find myself often directing people to that post because I truly believe in the time savings that are possible using automations services which are available for free. Back when I wrote that post, I was using a combination […]
  • My Photo Backup Routine – Mid 2017 July 6, 2017
    I started this particular series of posts back in 2015 by detailing my photography backup routine and outlining some of the basic strategies for a safe and redundant backup system. If you’re uncertain about the basics, you should start with that post first. Time and time again I hear stories of people losing their precious […]
  • Drobo Announced a New Thunderbolt 3 Unit and Here’s Why I’m Curious… July 5, 2017
    If any of you have been keeping track of my semi-regular updates about my backup solution and general photo storage workflow, you may remember that my primary devices are currently Drobo 5Ds. My history with Drobo goes back to the very first generation Firewire products, and back then they were buggy and unreliable machines that […]

As well as writing what is generally longer content over on Shutter Muse, I also add content to my personal blog on this site on a weekly basis. The two most popular sections are the Behind the Shot series, which examines the tools and techniques used to create a particular image, and also the Gear Check series where I document the photo gear that I’m currently using for my work.

PocketWizard Multimax II Launched

PocketWizard Multimax II Launched

Pocketwizards have always been a part of my career in one way or another so I keep an eye on their new products. Today they have launched an update to the 16 year old Multimax transceiver, and the price is significantly lower than the old one ($229). Whilst I do...

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