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Shutter Muse is a photography website that I run. Here you will find all of my in-depth photography tutorials and gear reviews, as well as some content from other contributors. The feed below will give you links to the latest 5 articles on the site, but I’d love you to head to the homepage to check out the whole archive of free content on the site.

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  • How to Mount an Aquatech Underwater Housing on a Tripod September 7, 2017
    Aquatech underwater housings were primarily designed to be waterproof housings for surf photography, but I’ve come across a lot of photographers using them for all kinds of other purposes. The housings are built to be extremely tough so they work well as protection for remote wildlife cameras, and there’s many other water sports that can […]
  • The Mindset That’s Costing People Their Images: Digital Photography is NOT Free!! August 30, 2017
    When it comes to protecting my huge archive of digital images I take absolutely no chances. My archive is stored on a Drobo which gives me some redundancy from drive failure. That Drobo is mirrored to a second Drobo which also has redundancy from drive failure, and then another copy of the same archive is […]
  • Canon Lens Release Date Timeline August 30, 2017
    A list of all Canon's EF, EF-S and EF-M lenses in order of their original release. Posted by Dan Carr on Shutter Muse
  • Canon Vs. Nikon – Here’s How to Make Your Choice! August 29, 2017
    The Canon Vs. Nikon debate has raged for decades and whilst you could probably argue that it has now become Canon Vs. Nikon Vs. Sony, I don’t think I’m quite ready to tackle that broader argument. However, this week I have finally decided to write something about the longer standing traditional match up because I’ve […]
  • Cloud Backup for Photographers August 26, 2017
    UPDATE: August 25th 2017 A large chunk of the original article was comparing the two most popular cloud backup options: Backblaze and Crashplan. On August 22nd 2017, Crashplan announced that they would be stepping away from consumer cloud backup solutions to concentrate on business solutions and all existing Home accounts would be shut down soon. […]

As well as writing what is generally longer content over on Shutter Muse, I also add content to my personal blog on this site on a weekly basis. The two most popular sections are the Behind the Shot series, which examines the tools and techniques used to create a particular image, and also the Gear Check series where I document the photo gear that I’m currently using for my work.

Building a Camera Tether

Building a Camera Tether

Just a quick post today! Over on Shutter Muse I wrote a detailed post about constructing a camera safety tether. It's a handy thing to have for climbing photography, and other adventure sports work. Also a necessity with some aerial photography work. If you think it...

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